15 Best Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies!

As digital marketing teams need to adapt themselves constantly to the ever-changing environment of the digital marketing industry, digital marketing agencies are looking for new ways to be more productive. The best collaboration tools help the marketing teams to communicate effectively as well as managing ongoing projects and campaigns.

Marketers hunt for the latest technologies for to both scale and streamline their working because of tight project budgets, tighter deadlines and higher expectations of the clients. There are thousands of marketing automation tools out there. The exact number is over 6,000 which is nearly up 27% from last year.

Today, collaborating online is the key for businesses to increase overall productivity as the workforce disperse so many fields. Colleagues can work simultaneously on a project, reduce wasted time and improve communication through various collaborative solutions on the market. But you need to choose the best collaboration tools to achieve better performance.

So I’ve picked the handiest collaboration tools from communication to execution and compiled a list for you. Here are the main categories for collaboration tools for digital marketing agencies. For each category, we listed the most reputable ones and explained how the product can help your business.

  • Communication Tools for Collaboration
  • Project Management Tools for Collaboration
  • Design and Prototyping Tools for Collaboration
  • Development Tools for Collaboration

Tools for Communication



Slack is one of the fastest growing startups and the messaging app used for both remote and inter-office communication. With powerful integrations, ecosystem and many bots, it’s the most flexible communication tool preferred by many businesses. You can create channels to follow up team conversations around a project and also archive them.

Its search feature makes finding specific conversations easy so you won’t miss any project talk. With using hashtags, you can highlight keywords during a conversation. Slack has integration with services like Google Drive and Dropbox. It also supports video or voice calls between team members. Slack is also one of the most effective remote working tools for remote teams.

Hangouts Meet


When you need to gather your team for planing business budget, Hangouts Meet might be a good choice for video meeting. If you don’t want to miss anything you can record your Hangout to watch later by using Hangouts on Air instead, otherwise spent taking notes. There is a privacy setting for displaying your Hangout publicly. You can hide it anytime.



For seamless communication and collaboration, you can prefer simple business messenger Chanty. The AI-powered app has an unlimited searchable history and helps small teams to be more productive. Chanty’s instant messages humanize the business process with its advanced AI algorithm.

The algorithm predicts responses and saves you time that you spend typing. Team members are able to coordinate significant tasks more efficiently through conversations. Chanty supports audio, video calls, voice transcripts and it also has integration with popular services.


Video calls are essential when it comes to collaborating with your team. Zoom’s growing popularity has a good reason – it’s one of the best video conferencing tools in the market and it’s very easy-to-use.

It brings HD video and audio to your meetings with support for up to 1000 video participants and 49 on-screen videos. According to Zoom’s data, 85% of users saw an increase in video usage. It means it can solve some of the collaboration problems in your agency or meeting with your clients.

Tools for Project Management


Monday is a great online tool for keeping your team’s tasks in one place and visualizing project management processes. You can create detailed plans, collaborate on deliverable s, track and monitor progress for managing your projects from start to finish. When it’s finished you can create reports for the project.monday collaboration tool for agencies

For agencies juggling several accounts is tough. You can invite clients as guests to see your progress and share feedback instantly. Shorten the feedback loop and deliver projects even faster.


Trello is a well-known project management collaboration tool that helps your company to organize projects, teams, and tasks. All members of your team can stay up-to-date with individual and group (Kanban-style) project task cards at the project board. These cards can be edited, moved around or deleted and used to assign specific tasks and to-do-lists. You can drag and drop cards across columns like solitaire.


The oldest and well-known collaboration platform Asana launched in 2008. Brands like Uber, Intel, and Pinterest uses Asana. The platform allows business owners to track the work of their employees, create to-do lists for progressing projects, send messages to colleagues, set reminders for upcoming deadlines. You can organize all projects as a board or to-do-list format. It’s easy for users to reach past works through Asana’s search function.


Web collaboration tool Wrike allows you to collaborate with your colleagues seamlessly. On its dashboard companies can plan project details, track time, overview individual workloads, deadlines or real-time activity streams. If you want to see individuals’ contribution to the team you can also track their performance with Wrike. For client-base businesses such as digital agencies, it has customized reports showing how much time and money spent on a project. This feature protects you to stay on deadline or under budget.


collabore with basecamp

Basecamp is both a powerful and affordable tool, especially for small businesses. It’s used by thousands of project teams around the world, as it provides an entire suite for project management. Project task assignments, file sharing, to-do lists, message board, in-app commenting, separate dashboards for clients, desktop and email notifications are some of the top features. It has a trial version so you can start to use it without a hassle.


GanttPRO is an online Gantt chart software that gives opportunities for efficient task and resource management as well as for collaboration between team members. The Gantt chart view will help you keep track of every task, its progress, and dates and edit them in seconds with the drag & drop simplicity. In addition, if you need to change a view from the Gantt chart, there is a Board view that looks like a Kanban board.

The collaboration nature of GanttPRO is simple yet powerful. You can leave comments on tasks, attach files, and mention people. This Gantt chart generator sends notifications once any changes in a project occur.

Tools for Design


collaboration design tool sketch

If you’re looking for a UI-focused and niche design collaboration app (for Mac users only) I recommend you to use Sketch. Your design team can create web, mobile, and graphic design prototypes easily with this app. It creates a direct link between web development and web design phases for front-end frameworks.

You can create custom groups that can be used in any pages or create symbols with Sketch. Creating various text styles for header, body, buttons, etc. is also possible with the app. Easy exporting and easy-to-use measuring tools other unique features of Sketch.


invision website

Prototyping tool Invision enables team members to upload designs, create actions like button clicks, gather feedback from their colleagues and clients within the app. From a single dashboard, you can manage your projects with the enterprise-grade tool. On the dashboard, you will see information about project status and collected comments. For creating a perfect design environment, Invision has also integration with various platforms.


For landing page design, you have to prefer the perfect collaborative tool GroovePages. The platform offers integrated collaboration ability for marketing agencies and teams. Fully integrated landing page builder provides team members and clients feedback, allows them to respond comments, resolve problems within the platform in real-time.

Concept inbox


Concept inbox is a visual design collaboration tool, and it supports real-time annotations and comments on design image files, videos, and PDFs. Every team member or external stakeholders can follow the steps of a particular design, discuss it and track changes anytime. When a project lead gives feedback on prototypes or someone comment on a design all of the team members get email notifications. There is no limit for the number of the files or on file-size.

Tools for Development


bitbucket collaboration development tool

Bitbucket is a Git solution for professional teams but its more than just Git code management. The large software repository platform brings the team members together in one place to plan projects, collaborate on code, test and deploy. It offers unlimited repositories.



CodePen describes itself as “a playground for the front end web.” You can show off your latest creation, build a test case for a bug, and get feedback with CodePen. Take inspiration with its design patterns examples for your projects.

Tools for Marketing Analytics



All-in-one business dashboard Cyfe allows you to monitor social media, web analytics, marketing, sales. You can set up a series of dashboards for web analytics, social media, SEO, and more. Reach historical data and real-time reports anytime on the dashboard. Pre-built widgets make it easy to connect AdWords, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and other numerous data sources.


You can use Kissmetrics to analyze audience behavior and find your ideal customers as well as keeping your current ones. The platform combines analytics and automation and helps you to understand customer behavior. Nurture relationships with Kissmetrics automatic actions. It allows you to see where you’re losing your prospects, improve retention, and also view new trends in customer behavior.

Various collaborative solutions in the market diminish the distance between employees and increasing the productivity of businesses. Colleagues can work on projects simultaneously, improve their communication and reduce time loss. Collaboration tools also make it easier to work remotely for agencies.

Choose the most suitable digital marketing tools for your company and increase your productivity with effective team collaboration.

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